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HVAC Test & Balance

Ensure comfortable, healthy & efficient building

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What is Test & Balance?

Is your building cold in some areas and hot in others? Do your windows fog over in the mornings, or do you experience high humidity? Has your building developed mold in some areas? Are your doors hard to open or hard to close? Or, are your energy bills higher than they should be? These are all symptoms of an unbalanced system. 

A balanced HVAC system creates ensures the building performs as designed. When the air supply grilles are balanced per the specification, the air is better distributed throughout the zones served creating a more comfortable place. An additional benefit is the reduction of humidity that could lead to mold and an unhealthy environment all while saving money in energy.  At Micron we will test your mechanical systems and will balance them to ensure your building is running healthy and efficiently. 

What makes Micron Different?

Our main focus is creating healthy buildings and environment. By doing so, we provide you the added benefit of better experience for your customers when they enter your facility and the added energy savings.    

  • Top of the line Testing Equipment

  • 20+ Years of Experience Servicing Critical Facilities 

  • Independent/ Third-Party Perspective

  • NEBB Certified

Who do we Service

Pharmaceutical Facilities


Medical/Dental Offices

Industrial Facilities

Fitness Centers


Corporate Offices


Data Centers

Government Facilities

What's TAB
When is Test & Balance Needed

Obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and know the HVAC system conforms with the design specifications before it's turned over to operations with a certified, independent report.


All mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time. Keep air quality, comfort and efficiency at peak performance by rebalancing the HVAC every three to five years.


Execute a successful equipment replacement by having it tested and balanced so you get what was specified.


Receive a thorough investigatory report of the HVAC conditions at a facility with comfort complaints or negative building pressure issues so corrective action can be determined.


Changes in floor plans affect the airflow and construction impacts indoor air quality. Have a TAB test performed to prevent any airflow deficiencies caused by the construction.

When is TAB needed
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