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Disinfection Solutions

Facilities Disinfection to combat infectious diseases, such as: COVID-19, SAR's, MRSA, N1H1, or other allergens  

Transmission Reduction through Environment

Pathogens and allergens are often aerosolized through cough or sneezing and dispersed through the building via the air handling system. In most cases the air handling system itself is a source of microorganisms that can create a sick building. In hot summer months the cooling coil remains damp with condensation creating mold and spores that can be carried through the duct system affecting the building occupants. 


Micron offers different solutions to help reduce the spread of pathogens and allergens and help protect your staff and patrons. Technologies like UV-C lights, bi-polar ionization and air filtration have been proven to provide substantial reduction to pathogens and are commonly used in cleanroom hospitals and laboratories to reduce the bioburden in the environment. This technology can be easily applied to any air distribution system to provide an added layer of protection to your facility.  

Bi-polar ion.jpg

Bi-Polar Ionization

  • Third party testing have demonstrated substantial reduction in common pathogens including C Diff, Staph, MRSA, E. Coli, and Legionella. 

  • Reduces particles, odors, pathogens and energy consumptions.


UV-C Lights

  • Kills all know microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens and superbugs.

  • Improves airflow and heat exchange efficiency by eliminating 90% of growth on HVAC coils. 

  • Effective in killing other varieties of coronaviruses, such as MERS and SARS. 

  • Upper-room germicidal fixtures can inactivate microbes in under a second.

  • Has been in use for over 100 years and was invented to combat influenza and tuberculosis.



  • Air filtration reduce the exposure of contaminants in buildings. 

  • Air filtration is the first line of defense in the fight of building contamination. 

  • Micron will help you select the right filter for your facility to ensure you achieve the right cleanliness levels while reducing strain on the air systems.

Surface disinfection relies on the product reaching all exposed areas. Most of the time the disinfection contractor relies on the square footage rule of thumb to calculate the amount fo disinfectant needed to do the job. Since not all the facilities have the same amount of furnishing or exposed surface area such as walls, tables, chairs, etc. using the square footage may lead to insufficient application rendering the service ineffective, hence defeating the purpose of the visit.

Micron uses state of the art technology to calculate the exposed surface area and determine the minimum amount of disinfectant for your facility. This coupled with an electrostatic spraying system will ensure that the amount of disinfectant applied is adequate and that it reaches all the intended areas. 

Micron validates the application process and the equipment used to ensure your facility has been thoroughly disinfected. A service report is provided that will list the disinfectant used, the amount and pictures of our chemical exposure indicators that are placed on strategic places along your facility. 

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