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Ensure clean and compliant facilities and environment

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What's CRPC
What is Clean Room Performance Certification?

Clean Room Performance Certifications is a battery of test as defined in the regulatory standards such as: ISO 14644-1 and the European standard Annex #1, aimed to determine if the controlled environment under test meet the criteria of the classification specified. These tests are not only applicable to rooms but also to equipment such as isolators, HEPA filtered transfer carts, depyrogentaion ovens or tunnels, Restricted Access Barriers (RAB's) systems, among others.


The tests are defined as follows:

Primary Tests

  • HEPA filter Integrity Testing

  • Airflow Velocity and uniformity test

  • Air changes calculations

  • Pressure cascade analysis

  • Non-Viable airborne particulate testing

  • Viable airborne particulate testing

Secondary Tests

  • Airflow visualization studies

  • HEPA Filter Pressure drop

  • Airborne Particle Recovery Study

  • Light Level Survey

  • Temperature/Humidity Distribution Survey

  • Sound Level Survey (dBA or NC Curve)

  • Parallelism Survey

  • Electro-Static Discharge Monitoring

  • Floor Conductivity Survey

  • Surface Static Charge Measurement

  • Electromagnetic Interference

What other equipment needs certification?

Although most of the test mentioned above are specific to the pharmaceutical or semiconductor industry there are other equipment that require periodic testing to ensure your personnel is and/or your product is safe. These are the following:

  • Laboratory Fume Hoods : ANSI/ASHRAE 110 

  • Laminar Flow Hoods

  • Balance Enclosures

  • Clean Air Benches

  • Biosafety Cabinets: NSF 49

  • Kitchen Hoods 

  • Painting Booths

What makes Micron Different?

Here are Micron we see our customers as our partners and believe that we are only successful if you are successful. To ensure you have the most accurate data, Micron uses top of the line testing equipment calibrated at a regular interval. Unmatched customer service, that helps you accommodate any last minute emergency even after hours. If any discrepancy is found during certification, our personnel will address while on site to ensure you are back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.    

  • Top of the line Testing Equipment

  • 20+ Years of Experience Servicing Critical Facilities 

  • Independent/ Third-Party Perspective

  • NEBB Certified

Who do we Service

Pharmaceutical Facilities


Medical/Dental Offices

Industrial Facilities


Government Facilities

Automotive Industry

Educational Facilities

Who Do we service
What do we provide?

All of equipment is calibrated to the tightest tolerances set by the regulatory agencies and traceable to national standards. (NIST)


Our technical experts will work tirelessly to ensure your service call is completed in less than 24 hours


A written report of the findings is issued with every certification including a summary of the findings, equipment used to test and calibration records of the test equipment


Our technicians will provide emergency service even after hours.


We offer preventative maintenance as well as corrective maintenance to ensure the systems are operating at their peak performance


Our trained professionals will always be happy to answer your calls to provide any assistance that you might need

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