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Soft focus to Scan air leak test of HEPA


Micron personnel is trained and certified by the NEEB to perform clean room performance certifications per the latest edition of  ISO 14644-1 or USP <797>  standards.  To include cleanrooms, isolators, RAB's systems, etc. 

Also, certified to perform Fume Hood, Biosafety cabinets and other laboratory equipment certifications.

The operator is using the capture hood b


A balanced HVAC system creates ensures the building performs as designed. When the air supply grilles are balanced per the specification, the air is better distributed throughout the zones served creating a more comfortable place. An additional benefit is the reduction of humidity that could lead to mold and an unhealthy environment all while saving money in energy.  At Micron we will test your mechanical systems and will balance them to ensure your building is running healthy and efficiently. 

modern interior science laboratory with



Micron takes pride in providing the highest quality work. For every project needs Micron takes an individual approach and tailor the project to meet the customer needs. Additional to the testing services, Micron has the capabilities to perform maintenance, mechanical systems installation, testing & commissioning and project management for any project. ​



Micron offers different solutions to help reduce the spread of pathogens and allergens and help protect your staff and patrons. Technologies like UV-C lights, bi-polar ionization and air filtration have been proven to provide substantial reduction to pathogens and are commonly used in cleanroom hospitals and laboratories to reduce the bioburden in the environment. This technology can be easily applied to any air distribution system to provide an added layer of protection to your facility.  .

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